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Building the Multiverse with Words


I am what I am, what I've been and what I will be … Do not intend to leave a trace for posterity, but merely to do all that has made me be alive all the way through eternity: Building worlds on written words.

It’s my intention to transform this website into a creative labyrinth where visitors can plot a route as if they were playing in a crazy game of snakes and ladders at the mind-bending March Hare’s party.

This place is at the same time my business card, a box of karmic memories, and such private journal slightly opened into oblivion that some voyeurs likely would devour in their insomnia nights, but this is mostly my aleph and the beginning of my journey in search of the shore of the Kauser.

It is worth to get in my virtual labyrinth carrying the music inside, since that’s what arises my literary imagination and my creativity, but always with no blessing of the green fairies (ooops!).

The only warning here is that I’m not a lyric poet nor either got sympathy for dull minds nor for those who haggle with the Devil over the price of their souls.  Ω